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If Only in My Dreams

If Only in My Dreams - Keira Andrews Due the fact that when a writer is really good my emotional barometer swings up and down depending on how the relationship between the two MCs is going; the first 40% of this book was hell for me. However, sticking it out to the 50% mark meant a payoff I wouldn't have missed for anything. And it kept going and going just like the Energizer bunny. Charlie and Gavin are an unstoppable force when together, not too mention as energetic as the already mentioned bunny. They are also sweet, adorable and so in love. Was nice seeing something that was meant to be turning out perfectly in the end. I thought my first two Keira Holiday books (In Case of Emergency & Eight Nights in December) were awesome but somehow this one is even better!! So now it is on to another Keira Christmas book!