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Finally Falling - Raleigh Ruebins OK gonna start this review by just using my status updates I posted while reading this book as I think that will best convey my feelings on it as I went along.
I usually like "Friends to Lovers" stories... but even though I love Devin and Russ it is just taking way too long for these knuckleheads to tell each other what they are feeling. I mean they are beyond clueless... I am all for anticipation and all but I am 50% done and no romance yet. Tempts me to just skim a few chapters till the romance starts. But I'll be good and wait for it! Russ is acting like he is 18 not in his thirties... or actually more like a child who rather than dealing with the situation hides under the bed. I am not buying that he would have reacted this way, even with his insecurities...
I just don't get the fact that this is supposed to be romance, cuz instead of Devin and Russ dating... Russ runs away. These are adults and supposedly friends, yet they apparently can't even communicate with one another. Too much unnecessary angst and stupidity... Might just DNF this one, the author has 15% to get their characters' head out of their asses or I'm done! 75% - Devin and Russ are still miserable and NOT together... Yah know if the couple in the book are only actually together and happy for like less than 25% of a book that is NOT romantic... it's more like torture!
So now to wrap it up, I absolutely loves the first 25% and the last 25% of this book... the middle 50% while well written was so full of angst and stupidity by the MCs that it was pure, unadulturated torture. If I could have reached into my Kindle slapped those two I would have. I know the author did her best to try and make it believable, but if your in your 30s and still acting like an immature teenager you need serious help or you should not be dating anyone! So what it all boils down to is my giving this book 3 stars, cuz 50% of it was awesome... so I rounded up a 2.5 to 3.