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Strong Side

Strong Side - Alison Hendricks WOW...
I am really impressed by the talent this author showed in this book. She deftly managed to weave together friendship, sexiness, tenderness and fun into a truly awesome book. She even threw in a tiny bit of angst at a most appropriate point, even though the happy ending was never in doubt. In Jason and Derek she created a couple who seemed to fit almost at page one and I felt like I had known them forever. The football side of things were done very well... she is either a fan or knows somone who is. She is a writer to watch in the future cuz I think she will be going places, her first time gay sex scene halfway through this book was one of the sexiest, most tender and well-written that I have ever read! Overall this was an immensely satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable read. I definitely will be working my way through the rest of this series and her other books in the near future.