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Gray For You

Gray For You - Spencer Spears I will start out by saying that when I started this book I was a bit intimidated by it's size at over 500 pages it is bigger than your average gay romance novel. I should have known that there was nothing to worry about, Spencer Spears has never disappointed me yet and she certainly did not do so with this awesome story. Once I started reading the story and characters hooked me and never let me go till the end. OK.. for starters, I would love to find a man out there like Gray, he is just so incredible and so exactly what Tyler needs in every way. I love the fact that even though Tyler could easily have become a whining, annoying, one-dimensional paper doll of a person, due to Ms. Spears writing for me he never came close to being just that. This story was never too angsty and though the relationship took most of the book to get them to the mutual "I Love Yous", it felt like the timing was perfect and necessary to be true to the two MCs. Since I had ended up reading "Oliver Ever After" before this one, I obviously knew about Gray & Tyler being together since they were in quite a bit of Luke's story. It was certainly nice seeing how they got to that point. Over all another awesome read that sucked me in and by the end made me cry lots of happy tears!