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Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #235

Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #235 - Scott H. Andrews, Richard Parks, Kameron Hurley, Rebecca Campbell, T.S. McAdams Love the concept of this story... the Body or Corpse Soldier... the MC is extremely well-developed... and ya just can't help but love the pig. Well written and complete despite its short length. Would be interesting to see the author write more in this world.

Merged review:

"On the Road to the Hell of Hungry Ghosts", by Richard Parks 5 Stars

Although I am not sure if this story takes place in Japan or China, it really made no difference in the enjoyment of the story. The setup is so well done that you learn everything you need and nothing unneeded to enjoy the story quickly. The characters are well developed and become very real. The plot of the story is well done and suspenseful. I would definitely like to read further adventures of this group if the author has written any.

“The Fisherman and the Pig”, by Kameron Hurley 5 Stars

I absolutely loved this story, even with its rather gruesome plot. The idea of a corpse soldier is quite interesting though somewhat morbid. Have to say I also loved the ending.

"The Fall of the Mundaneum", by Rebecca Campbell 2 Stars

After reading this story my first reaction was "Is that all?". I mean I think I get the point of the story, the idea that everyday mundane objects and pieces of trash can be equivalent to important facts or objects. Despite this I just felt that the author's point was not well made and reading it felt like lost time. BTW... I read all the stories in this issue twice, once whe it first arrives, then again once the issue has been listed on Goodreads so I can review it. And this piece, even on the 2nd read just did not do it for me.

"Grassland" by T. S. McAdams 3 Stars

This story was confusing and seemed to wander a bit. I kinda felt it was more about the journey, rather than a destination. I think the author needed it to b a bit longer because just as I started to feel like I was getting a grasp on what was what... it ended.

Soooooo.... 2 stories I liked a lot, one I feel so so about and one I just did not like.

My overall rating for the issue is 3.75 Stars