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Oliver Ever After - Spencer Spears I received an ARC copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My actual star rating for this book if I could give half stars would be 4.5 stars, but since I can't I rounded it up to 5. I'll get to why I dropped a half star off my rating in a bit. For starters I gotta say I absolutely love Oliver and Luke, that being said I also had multiple time where I wanted to scream at them to get their heads outta their asses and just tell each other how they felt. Let me just say that for my taste the angst metter in my head went off a bit more than I would prefer. There were several points in this book that I not only had to remind myself that there was a promised HEA by the end; but I was chanting it in my head like a mantra. Now, truthfully this kind of drama is what a lot of people like in a book, however since I tend to not so much read books but live them, it kinda twists my insides in knots. That said I still LOVED this book. I can deal with angst, just as long as a story is worth it and this one was above and beyond worth it! Over all this book was awesome, the MCs are so real and complex that by halfway through they felt like family.
the supporting cast is well-developed and used perfectly to complement the MCs. I thought that the use of Oliver's Dad and Luke's Mom was particularly well done. While the writing of the sex was hot as one would expect, it was also just stunning at times when just describing a kiss, touch or look. The true intimacy and love came through loud and clear through out the book. Ok... now my reason for know off that half star. The only real thing that bothered me in this book is the author's artistic decision to not just switch POV every other chapter (which never bothers me) but to many times got back 7 yrs in time, then the next chapter would be back in the present again. This bugged me so much that after it happened the first two times I stopped, then jumped the remaining present day chapters and read all the 7 yrs ago ones first, then went back and read through the present day ones. I just found it too jarring jumping back and forth in time so frequently. Personally I would have preferred if the book had been laid out in chronological order. Like I said this was an artistic choice by the author and I am sure it will work for many readers the way she laid out the book. Just didn't work for me. Once again I wanna reiterate how much I loved this book and the characters in it. It was so worth reading and by the end I was a tearful mess!