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A Way with You

A Way with You - Lane Hayes This book is a sequel to the book "A Way With Words" and is the second book that Lane Hayes has written in the Memories with the Breakfast Club universe created by one of my most favorite M/M romance writers Felice Stevens. That said, going into this book I thought it unlikely that Ms. Hayes could top the awesome job she did in the first book, I really loved Remy and Tony they were so totally awesome and so perfect together. Well, she managed it do it and in spades. Though this book was not a full-length novel, the story she wrote was so complete and well written that is certainly felt like it was. The two MCs are fully-developed and complex, each with their foibles and faults. I loved that even though they only got bit parts both Tony and Remy made a few appearances here. Love getting the update on how their relationship, including their marriage! All in all, this book was a fun (I laughed out loud a number of times) and full of feels (yeah I cried some happy tears) read.