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City Boy (Hot Off the Ice Book 1)

City Boy (Hot Off the Ice Book 1) - A.E. Wasp This book started out a bit slow for me, part of that problem was the fact that within pages of the beginning of this book it was obvious what the connection was between the two MCs. That of itself was not the issue... the fact that the two MCs did not know what it was till 30% of the way through the book was. However, after reading the whole book it totally worked for me. Though it meant I put the book down a few times, and shifted to reading something else, in the end I kept being drawn back to this book, needing to know just how these two got together. Just a warning I am a hopeless romantic, so like the last 20% of the book a box of tissues was required. I really loved both Bryce and Dakota, and though both men are sexy as hell I gotta admit there was something about Dakota that just really did it for me. Though Bryce did totally surprise me with one thing he did late in the book, it blindsided me and made me gasp. Bryce's family was also incredible, as well as the circle of Dakota's friends. Once I got past that first 30% this book grabbed my heart and just ran away with it!
Other than the Christmas short that is a part of this series, this is my first book my Ms. Wasp. I will be finishing this series and also checking out her other ones. She has shown an awesome ability to not only make a movie in my head with her writing but also write characters who become very real to me as a reader, people who I care about. I would highly recommend this book!