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Skater Boy

Skater Boy - A.E. Wasp If I could give this book 10 stars it still would not convey just how absolutely fabulous this book is. In this 4th book in the series, Ms. Wasp scores a shutout! She has managed to perfectly weave romance, hot sex, family and humor into a book that made me laugh, cry and yeah made my jeans uncomfortably tight on more than one occasion. Alex and Sergei are genuine, hot as heck, real and flawed, which means they are just like you and me. Having known each other since they were both in their teens, Alex has been in love with Sergei forever. I love how Ms. Wasp likes to use characters that have issues... Robbie with his learning diasabilities in "Country Boy", Sergei with his language issue, Paul with the church he grew up in and Alex with his insecurities. It just makes these characters that much more like all of us and much more relatable. I think the one aspect of this book that pushes it the top of the heap in this series is the increased amount of humor that is deftly integrated into it. Sergei is like perfection; he is so loving, passionate and there for Alex. Even when they were just best friends, Sergei has been Alex's rock and shelter whenever life gets rough. I loved the fact that because of this, taking their relationship to a new level is just the natural next step in their lives together. I also loved the way that Alex was there for Sergei just as Sergei was for him. Clearly one without the other was just not possible in the natural order of the universe. I recommend that anyone who loves a sizzling hot romance between two incredible men read this book and the others in this series.