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Cold Feet

Cold Feet - Jay Northcote I liked this book, however I will say that it was a bit too similar in some ways to Jay's other book "What Happens at Christmas". The in some ways immature lack of communication between two best friends is an issue for me which happened with both books. I mean my best friend and I sorta the the opposite to these books since we dated for 2 yrs... then realized we would kill each other is we stayed as BFs... yet to this day we are like brothers. Anyway just saying that if you are that close as friends it goes without saying that you will talk stuff out and be truthful. Anyway, the story in this one was good, I loved how they spent Christmas day with Mari... which seemed particularly good. Also I thought that Sam and Ryan were great characters even if they had trouble being adults when it came to discussing their feelings. Who knows, maybe I am hypersensitive to this stuff from having been to therapy for quite some time; learning to express what I am feeling rather then keep it secret and bottled up inside me. Over all, an enjoyable read!