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What Happens At Christmas

What Happens At Christmas - Jay Northcote I'm gonna just start off by saying that over all I liked this book and am glad I read it. That said, I felt like this book spent way too much time with both guys wanting the same thing, but neither of them being brave enough to say it. Add to it that I felt live Justin's disregard for the feelings of the guy Andy was seeing, never even considering that Andy may well be lying to the new guy too; was just callous and shallow. And I don't think the fact that after he split Andy and his date up, he then kinda shoved the guy with the crush on him at Andy's now ex to try and make up for hurting him really cancels out is over all attitude. He at least owed the guy an apology once he destroyed things, in public no less. Personally based on the rest of Justin's behavior throughout the book I think his actions at the party were so out of character that it should not have happened. OK... no more ranting. LOL Because despite all this above crap I still enjoyed this book. Sean more than made up for Dustin's screw-ups, though both of them should have admitted their feeling much sooner. I think all my issues can be summed up by a quote of something Dustin says at one point in the book. "Adulting is difficult".