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Christmas with His Omega

Christmas with His Omega - Lorelei M. Hart OK... gotta say me rating this 5 stars is something I didn't forsee happening when I decided to read this book. Having never really read a Mpreg story of any kind before, I honestly did not know if I could get into this genre. Well the answer is... yesI I sure did! This story was heartwarming, charming and full of love. I must say the idea of Alpha/Omega mates is one that definitely appeals to me and the characters the author created are wonderful. Since I am a hopeless romantic myself, the idea of there being someone out there for me certainly has its perks. As for whether reading about sex where one guy is pregnant would be an issue for me I found out it in no way messed with my head or was gross. In the end this story was about love in all its forms and thus was a huge joy to read!