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A Christmas Promise

A Christmas Promise - K.C. Wells, Meredith Russell Wow... This is definitely one of my top favorite Christmas-themed Gay Romance stories I have ever read! It sorta starts out with a Christmas miracle which just happens to occur just before Thanksgiving. And that is how Greg comes to meet Micah... and they find out they are connected... more then they could have ever guessed... and as they begin to realize just how deep their personal emotional connection goes, so much so that both want the other to stay. This story brought many tears, some of sadness for the losses of Joshua and Greg's Father, the loss of a mother and wife by the Trant family. But also tears for joy as Micah and Greg fall in love and realize they have the chance to live the life their fathers were never allowed to. Overall this is a truly awesome story, it pushed all my buttons and definitely embodies a true belief in Christmas magic!!