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Disarming Donner

Disarming Donner - Charlie Cochet This is my 2nd favorite of the series. My favorite is still book 2: "The Heart of Frost" but this book is a close second. This story was incredible, I so loved the relationship between Donner and Calder. They were the last two people anyone in this world of ice and Christmas would have expected to fall in love. That in of itself makes it special, and when they fall they both decide that it matters not what anyone else thinks, their love for each other is all that matters. Nice little moral of the story, Don't judge people by their race, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation or whom they love. Decide how you feel about them based on who they are as an individual and how they treat others. Awesome story, can't wait till December 20th to read Dasher and the Frost King's story. This series has truly been a joy to read!!!!