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Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry - Neil deGrasse Tyson This book was not only enlightening it was also fun to read. The author managed to take a lot of very complex science and present it in such a way that it is easily understandable. After reading this book I definately plan to read more by this author. A really enjoyable read!

Ruin and Rising

Ruin and Rising  - Leigh Bardugo What can I say... I loved this book... though I have to say that there were times when I thought the author was going to choose a path that would leave me extremely pissed off at her. Instead she left me shedding many a tear and thoroughly satisified with this book and the series as a whole. Alina and Mal have taken a place as one of my very favorite couples from the world of fantasy. Also, through this trilogy and the Six of Crows duology it has made the world of the Grisha one of my most favorite worlds. Part of me feels as though I lived this last book, the author had my heart-racing at times and my emotions high and full. Even at this point like ad hour after I finished there is still a tingly feeling throughout my body. All in all, this book was the perfect culmination of this series!

The Drunk Email

The Drunk Email - Sadie Sins OK... this short story or novella (I can never figure out how many words or pages make it one or the other) was scorching hot. Don't kill me but I always wanted to have a gay brother or even a gay identical twin brother. Just a fantasy... but this book push all my buttons and I loved it. Just soooooo hot, hot, hot, hot!

Finding Home

Finding Home - Garett Groves This book started out a bit slow for my tastes, but at about halfway through I realized that it actually worked for this story very well. I loved the interplay between Caleb and John. I also thought that the issues they had with their realtionship felt dead-on and exactly what they should have been. I loved John's Mom and the part she played in this story. I do think that this book is not quite as good as the first in this series; but nonetheless it was still a very good read and one I did not want to put down at all. As usual, there were tears, but just not quite as many as with book one. Definitely a worthwhile and enjoyable read!

Oliver Ever After

Oliver Ever After - Spencer Spears I received an ARC copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My actual star rating for this book if I could give half stars would be 4.5 stars, but since I can't I rounded it up to 5. I'll get to why I dropped a half star off my rating in a bit. For starters I gotta say I absolutely love Oliver and Luke, that being said I also had multiple time where I wanted to scream at them to get their heads outta their asses and just tell each other how they felt. Let me just say that for my taste the angst metter in my head went off a bit more than I would prefer. There were several points in this book that I not only had to remind myself that there was a promised HEA by the end; but I was chanting it in my head like a mantra. Now, truthfully this kind of drama is what a lot of people like in a book, however since I tend to not so much read books but live them, it kinda twists my insides in knots. That said I still LOVED this book. I can deal with angst, just as long as a story is worth it and this one was above and beyond worth it! Over all this book was awesome, the MCs are so real and complex that by halfway through they felt like family.
the supporting cast is well-developed and used perfectly to complement the MCs. I thought that the use of Oliver's Dad and Luke's Mom was particularly well done. While the writing of the sex was hot as one would expect, it was also just stunning at times when just describing a kiss, touch or look. The true intimacy and love came through loud and clear through out the book. Ok... now my reason for know off that half star. The only real thing that bothered me in this book is the author's artistic decision to not just switch POV every other chapter (which never bothers me) but to many times got back 7 yrs in time, then the next chapter would be back in the present again. This bugged me so much that after it happened the first two times I stopped, then jumped the remaining present day chapters and read all the 7 yrs ago ones first, then went back and read through the present day ones. I just found it too jarring jumping back and forth in time so frequently. Personally I would have preferred if the book had been laid out in chronological order. Like I said this was an artistic choice by the author and I am sure it will work for many readers the way she laid out the book. Just didn't work for me. Once again I wanna reiterate how much I loved this book and the characters in it. It was so worth reading and by the end I was a tearful mess!

Coming Home: A Second Chance Christmas Romance (Home for the Holidays Book 1)

Coming Home: A Second Chance Christmas Romance (Home for the Holidays Book 1) - Garett Groves This book was incredibly sweet and fun to read. The two MCs were interesting and though sometimes seemed clueless, it didn't matter cuz their hearts were in the right place. The writing in this book sucked me in completely and had me crying a few times. Especially in the epilogue! I really liked Rylan and Ben as a couple, even with the age difference they just clicked for me completely. This story was just what I needed to read this week. Nice to read about two guys finding their true home... with each other!

I Am A Virgin

I Am A Virgin - Malcolm Bryant This was my first time reading something by this author and it will be my last. The best thing I can say about this short story was that is was short. Sadly, the dialogue was stilted, the characters were one-dimensional and the way the sex was written it was like the author may have watched some porn but never actually had sex themselves. Saddest part is that the characters had potential and so did the story yet neither was given a chance to shine. I'll leave it with that...

Uncommon Ground

Uncommon Ground - Kelly   Jensen This book was just the right mix of science fiction and sexy gay romance. I had not read anything by this author before so did not know what to expect. What I got was an awesome read with really interesting characters, plenty of suspense, action and some realy hot sex. It was definitely not what I was expecting as it is listed as being part of the "Kindle Worlds - Memories from the Breakfast Club" series. Since I knew it was based in the universe created by Felice Stevens I certainly never expected actual aliens to be in it, despite its other series title being "Aliens in New York". However , I have to say despite its ground in the Breakfast Club universe being pretty thin, the book was very well-written and a very enjoyable read. Dillon and Lang are pretty awesome and fit together like a lock and key. There were a few nice surprises by the end that I will let you discover for yourself. This book left me in the place of wishing book 2 was already available cuz I just need to know more!


Wintersmith - Terry Pratchett What more can one say when your reviewing a book written by a master at the height of his craft? First off I have to say that I have yet to read a Discworld novel that I did not adore. Terry Pratchett was a treasure and has allowed me so so many hours of pleasure, laughing my way through book after book. I have read quite a few of his books more than once and enjoyed them each and ever time. I only have a few left that I have not read and have sorta put off reading all of them just because once I do there will be no more new ones. As for this book, starting with the Wee Free Men I have loved every one of the Tiffany Aching books. I think the feegles are awesome. This book was such an awesome take on the sort of myth that has been around jsut about forever. Told this time in Mr. Pratchett's unique iconic style. Reading it was a rollercosater ride of thrills and fun and one I am sure I will enjoy again and again in the future!

A Way with You

A Way with You - Lane Hayes This book is a sequel to the book "A Way With Words" and is the second book that Lane Hayes has written in the Memories with the Breakfast Club universe created by one of my most favorite M/M romance writers Felice Stevens. That said, going into this book I thought it unlikely that Ms. Hayes could top the awesome job she did in the first book, I really loved Remy and Tony they were so totally awesome and so perfect together. Well, she managed it do it and in spades. Though this book was not a full-length novel, the story she wrote was so complete and well written that is certainly felt like it was. The two MCs are fully-developed and complex, each with their foibles and faults. I loved that even though they only got bit parts both Tony and Remy made a few appearances here. Love getting the update on how their relationship, including their marriage! All in all, this book was a fun (I laughed out loud a number of times) and full of feels (yeah I cried some happy tears) read.

A Way with Words

A Way with Words - Lane Hayes Well, this book was just awesome. I am sitting here with clogged sinuses and wiping happy tears from my eyes. This story of Tony and Remy was perfection. Reading it was such a joy, their relationship and Tony's coming out to his family once he realized how completely he loved Remy was just so incredible. The way the author wrote this story was so very real and getting to follow along as they met, got to know one another was wonderful. Sometimes it amazes me how in just under 200 pages an author can create something that feels so amazingly real and part of me. Love, loved, loved this story!

Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #243

Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #243 - Scott H. Andrews, Nin Harris, Walter Dinjos "Benefactors of Silence" by Nin Harris 4 stars

This very short story has an eloquence and poignance, along with a beauty in its words. It seems a appropriate tribute to a world of culture dstroyed by war. I found it to be a joy to read.

"Nneamaka's Ghost" by Walter Dinjos 4 stars

This story is one of haunting and betrayal. It has many twists and turns and an ending I did not expect. I won't tell any of the plot simply because it would ruin it for others. It was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Skater Boy

Skater Boy - A.E. Wasp If I could give this book 10 stars it still would not convey just how absolutely fabulous this book is. In this 4th book in the series, Ms. Wasp scores a shutout! She has managed to perfectly weave romance, hot sex, family and humor into a book that made me laugh, cry and yeah made my jeans uncomfortably tight on more than one occasion. Alex and Sergei are genuine, hot as heck, real and flawed, which means they are just like you and me. Having known each other since they were both in their teens, Alex has been in love with Sergei forever. I love how Ms. Wasp likes to use characters that have issues... Robbie with his learning diasabilities in "Country Boy", Sergei with his language issue, Paul with the church he grew up in and Alex with his insecurities. It just makes these characters that much more like all of us and much more relatable. I think the one aspect of this book that pushes it the top of the heap in this series is the increased amount of humor that is deftly integrated into it. Sergei is like perfection; he is so loving, passionate and there for Alex. Even when they were just best friends, Sergei has been Alex's rock and shelter whenever life gets rough. I loved the fact that because of this, taking their relationship to a new level is just the natural next step in their lives together. I also loved the way that Alex was there for Sergei just as Sergei was for him. Clearly one without the other was just not possible in the natural order of the universe. I recommend that anyone who loves a sizzling hot romance between two incredible men read this book and the others in this series.

Country Boy (Hot Off the Ice Book 2)

Country Boy (Hot Off the Ice Book 2) - A. E. Wasp I loved this book except for the parts that almost killed me and even those were well done. Ms. Wasp managed to one-up City Boy (book one) cuz even though it was awesome this one tops it easily! Ok, from the very start this was a hard book for me to read. Paul story is just a bit too close too home for me to be able read about his upbringing and family life with out it bringing up a lot of very painful memories. There were I number of times in the book where statements that Paul made expressing what he had been taught were almost verbatim of things I had heard for years. Though I didn't know anything about sex at the age of 7, I did know emphatically that I was gonna marry a boy when I grew up. It confused me to know end that my Mom kept telling me I couldn't say things like that. Then when I was at church when I was 13 for the first time I realized that the abomination the pastor was talking about was me. Needless to say I identify with Paul closely. Once I realized how hard this book was gonna be for me I almost decided to just not read it. But I'm stubborn and figured it would not be too bad so I continued... the end result is it stirred up a heck of a lot of crap I had thought buried for good or that I had worked through. However, I am glad I kept going cuz it was a bit cathartic. I didn't get Paul's happy ending, my parents still don't seem to have a clue how to deal with having a gay son and I'm 52. Anyway, this story is so well done I can only assume that the author did her research thoroughly and talked to those who have had these types of experiences cuz her telling of it was perfect. The quote I added from this book about hating oneself is so dead on... I still struggle with it every day. One last thing I gotta say. Even if our society has come a long way from where in was 31 yrs ago when I cam eclose to killing myself it still has a long way to go till homophobia and hate are gone and no more young men and women kill themselves because they were born gay.

City Boy (Hot Off the Ice Book 1)

City Boy (Hot Off the Ice Book 1) - A.E. Wasp This book started out a bit slow for me, part of that problem was the fact that within pages of the beginning of this book it was obvious what the connection was between the two MCs. That of itself was not the issue... the fact that the two MCs did not know what it was till 30% of the way through the book was. However, after reading the whole book it totally worked for me. Though it meant I put the book down a few times, and shifted to reading something else, in the end I kept being drawn back to this book, needing to know just how these two got together. Just a warning I am a hopeless romantic, so like the last 20% of the book a box of tissues was required. I really loved both Bryce and Dakota, and though both men are sexy as hell I gotta admit there was something about Dakota that just really did it for me. Though Bryce did totally surprise me with one thing he did late in the book, it blindsided me and made me gasp. Bryce's family was also incredible, as well as the circle of Dakota's friends. Once I got past that first 30% this book grabbed my heart and just ran away with it!
Other than the Christmas short that is a part of this series, this is my first book my Ms. Wasp. I will be finishing this series and also checking out her other ones. She has shown an awesome ability to not only make a movie in my head with her writing but also write characters who become very real to me as a reader, people who I care about. I would highly recommend this book!

Felix and the Prince

Felix and the Prince - Lucy  Lennox Wow... I have read all the Made Marian series books and the first book in the Forever Wilde series as well. I loved each and every one of the previous books, but I think that this book may be Ms. Lennox's best work I have read to date. The MCs in this book are truly incredible, fully fleshed out and complex. I totally cared for both of them early on in the book and continued to do so throughout. The plot is exciting, well-written, sexy and full of feels. I love the interactions of Doc and Grandpa with Felix and the rest of the Wilde family. This book was heartfelt, fun and sexy as hell. The relationship developed at a nice pace and felt quite real. All in all this was a really fun read and I enjoyed it immensely.